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We at Apex Plans pride ourselves on the bespoke product we can give to our clients. With this comes our three different style types which you can have at no extra cost and in a colour that matches your company branding. These styles are Classic, Bold and Elegance:


The Classic style is the traditional floor plan style with solid black or colour walls. The Classic floor plan style is best suited to those who want a more architectural feel to the floor plan.


With the bold style you get a floor plan with a bevel effect on the walls. This is a great way to make your floor plan simple and clear to understand as the walls stand out from the rest of the plan.


Like the bold style you get a bevel effect on the walls, but in addition you also get a shadow effect from the walls. This is a great unique style choice if you want to impress potential buyers with a stylish looking floor plan.


We know how important your company branding is. So it is with that in mind that we also offer a watermark option which can be used in conjunction with any of the three styles. This allows you to add your company logo faded over the top of the plan in either colour or black and white.

You can see examples of these different styles on the examples page.

Compass, Room Dimensions and Floor Area

We can add a compass to the floor plan to show where north is in relation to the property. We can also add room dimensions to each room and the floor area of the property in both metric (metres) and imperial (feet) units.

File Formats

At Apex Plans we can send you the floor plan in any of the widely used file formats such as JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF or even word documents.